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Eco Friendly Pledge

As part of Sirphey’s commitment to protecting the environment, all of our dishes are provided to our customers in an eco-friendly manner. Our sugarcane takeout containers are sustainably sourced and 100% compostable, whereas our plastic lids and utensils are produced from 100% recycled material. This ensures that we limit our environmental footprint by remaining earth-conscious in both sourcing and disposal.

And you may notice that our delivery option asks customers to choose a delivery window when ordering – this allows us to send our drivers out on calculated routes that are both time and fuel efficient, serving multiple customers on one trip instead of the standard single-order trip.

We at Sirphey aim to do all we can to limit our environmental footprint and to provide quality green products and service to our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions on this matter. customercare@sirphey.com